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MPHOA Plant Giveaway

25 Abelard Street in Mountain Park 

Landscape Stewardship Department Headquarters

Check out a fob for the gate - from service desk at MP Rec Center at 2 Mt Jefferson Terrace. 

Available to all Mountain Park residents


We will try to frequently update this section so you can see the current inventory.  Plants were identified using the LeafSnap app. Current inventory photos were uploaded on 11/22/23.  Mountain Park residents are welcome to take as many plants as you would like.  We only ask that you get them planted in the ground as soon as possible to improve the chances that the plants will survive. 

This list is the full inventory of plants that will be removed from the monuments' landscape.  Native plants will be transplanted into select common space areas in MP.

Self-service giveaway: Check out a fob for the Landscape Dept gate from the service desk at Mt Park Rec Center.  Then come to the Landscape Dept at 25 Abelard to take plants from the fenced-in nursery area.  Plants have a rootball and have been outside, so expect that they will be wet and have dirt.  We recommend that you bring a plastic sheet to protect your vehicle.

What is the MPHOA Plant Giveaway?

The monuments of Mountain Park will be undergoing a landscape transformation in the coming weeks. The existing vegetation will be removed, and a landscape of native trees, shrubs, and ground cover will be planted at each monument. Existing native plants will be transplanted into some open, common spaces in the neighborhood. Many of the plants in the original landscape are non-native or ornamental. These plants will be brought back to the fenced-in nursery area of the Landscape Stewardship Department at 25 Abelard Street. These plants are available to Mountain Park residents to pick up and plant in their own yards. The inventory will vary as the landscape stewards work on each new monument over the coming weeks. Work began the week of October 25, 2023. If you would love to add some plants to your space, please stop by and see what is available. The root ball of each shrub, tree, or ground cover will be enclosed in a strong trash bag. Please come prepared to put the plants in your own vehicle and get them in the ground as soon as possible. Stop by this website for updates on the current inventory.

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